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All areas in California

Our company is dedicated 100% in constructing houses, additions, remodeling and completing any kind of job
In residential and commercial areas…
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Excelent Finishes

We are capacitated to accomplish any kind of job and any type of construction. We create beautiful custom made designs for any project. Interior and exterior.
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We are experts in bathroom remodeling.



Why Choose Us

  • 15 years of Experience
  • For the excellent quality
  • Guaranteed jobs
  • Capacitated to any kind of job
  • We create beautiful custom designs

When we think of a project, we acknowledge and understand our customers ideas and with our experience we offer our clients the best way to complete the project

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  • Tel. 323-479-7321

If you need an estimate or consult about our jobs, call us.  We work in any area of California.

Our Jobs

  • All kinds of Materials and designs.
  • All high quality finishes.
  • All Structures, stains and colors.
  • All beautiful and unique desings.
  • All the best warranty.

Our company is dedicated 100 % in constructing houses, additions, remodelind and completing any kind of job in residential and commercial areas.


  • Psalm 150
  • Romans 10:9
  • Ephesians 6:1
  • Joshua 1:9
  • Bible Kings James Version

Thankful to God for this 15 years of service, because we know that only in The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit all things are possible.


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Kitchen Remodel

May 23, 2015 by Joi Charron

What can I say about Marvin & his crew...

Let me tell you :) We started off wanting to do a total remodel of our kitchen. Open it up by taking out a couple of doorways and a wall, gutting the entire kitchen and expanding our pantry which meant we needed to go into our sons room too. We were nervous to start such a big project, we have 2 boys 5yr & 7yr and we wanted to stay in the house and still maintain some type of routine. This could have been disastrous, but NOT with Marvin!!

Every single day Marvin and his guys were professional, organized, kind, respectful, smiling, joking, full of energy, full of ideas and eager to please. They worked so hard everyday.

One of the best qualities Marvin has is that he listens and makes sure we are all on the same page. He will discuss anything until he’s sure we all understand each other. I feel this is so important when doing a project like this so there are no unwanted surprises. Every day Marvin would explain everything that was done that day and what he was planning to do the next day, this was very comforting to us. He was so understanding of what a huge investment this was for us and how it can be quite stressful.

Something else I’d like to mention is that somehow it was not invasive having Marvin here every day even with having an entire crew here some days. His team is carefully chosen and works so well together. They are like one big happy family and so GREAT with my kids!!!!

It was such a pleasure to work with Marvin, he is such an honest man and he is “here” during the entire job. We look forward to many more projects together.

By the way, He finished our kitchen weeks earlier than he quoted, as if that isn’t impressive enough, I want to let you know, in addition to the remodel of our kitchen we also had him re-do our siding and decks in our backyard, roof maintenance, installed a tankless water heater, installed 2 fan/vent things in 2 bathrooms and repainted them too! All in less than 2 months.

We feel so luck to have found marvin!!!

Kitchen Upgrade

May 05, 2015 by Claire and Tim

Marvin and his team re-did our countertops and backsplash and installed all new appliances in our kitchen. We called him on Sunday, his team arrived on Tuesday and they were finished by Saturday! Marvin is extremely professional, responsible and trustworthy. Not to mention, he and his team did excellent work for an amazing price! Recently, Marvin installed new carpet and baseboards in our guest bedrooms. He is a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend him!

Great Work, Great People

Dec 23, 2014 by Patrick

I’ve had the fortune and misfortune to have never experienced service so poor nor so great as to warrant taking time to review it. Until Marvin.

Calling Marvin a handyman is like calling Michelangelo a painter - the title doesn’t do him justice. In the past year, Marvin resurfaced our kitchen cabinets, added a bar in our dining room, built a 600+sq ft addition, and paved our patio.

From the first day to the very last day, Marvin was professional, thoughtful, and determined to make our vision come true. Furthermore, each and every member of his crew was courteous and friendly at all times.

The quality of Marvin’s work is evident to professionals and novices alike. From top to bottom, laying the foundation to laying shingles, Marvin worked as quickly as possible while assuring that mistakes were not made and corners were not cut. He was always straightforward when it came to discussing options – clearly outlining cost relative to quality, etc. He’s also absolutely honest. For instance, on one occasion, I miscalculated some receipts he had provided - I overpaid him by $100+ dollars. I would never have noticed the miscalculation, but Marvin was quick to correct my mistake.

When I think back on the past year, a few memories stick out:
My wife and I went to a local, high-end tile store to examine options for our new bathroom. When we brought back samples to show to Marvin, he scoffed at the price – stating that he could get us the same material at half the cost. I admit I didn’t believe him, but he offered to take time out of his own weekend to meet me at a tile store and show me the alternatives. Of course, he didn’t have to do any of this; he did it, because he is a genuinely nice person. True enough, we found the same exact stuff for more less than half the price. Marvin saved us a lot of money.

Speaking of tile, I was blown away by Marvin’s attention to detail when it came to tiling our bathroom. Extraordinary precision is necessary to tile a bathroom as perfectly as he did. Case in point: I made the mistake of ordering just enough of a particular accent tile. I mean that I ordered EXACTLY the amount we needed, i.e. no extra buffer. Marvin needed to be 100% perfect in order to save us the headache of waiting two weeks for additional tile to arrive. He was spot-on.

Finally, a few days after all the work was complete, Marvin stopped by to deliver a present for my soon-to-be-born baby girl. He stumbled upon a sad scene – my father-in-law and I unsuccessfully trying to route some wiring through an underground conduit. We had nearly given up – we were considering removing pavers and digging up the ground to fix the issue. Out of pure generosity and at no cost, Marvin took about two hours out of his time to help us route the wiring without digging anything up.

I cannot recommend Marvin enough. My only concern is that he will be in such demand that he won’t have any availability to help us with future projects.

Great people

Oct 09, 2014 by Steve

Just needed a quick stari railing rebuilt. They came early and had everything just right by 3:00 PM.
I will definitely be using them again, so get in line now!

Sep 23, 2014 by Lui Faelten

Marvin has done several jobs on my rental for a number of years and I didn't need to be present for him to execute the project to my expectations. I highly recommend Marvin and his crew. His pricing is reasonable and he is honest ! He is reliable as well.

Aug 24, 2014 by Stephanie K

Marvin does excellent work. He did a complete remodeling of our entire house. He enlarged our small 50's kitchen in ways we could not imagine and added a small bathroom to one of the bedrooms. A couple of years later he completed a beautiful fence, which provides privacy and security to our property. We often get compliments on the renovations and the new fence. He is easy to work with and aims to please his customers. He is very experienced and utilizes good materials that will last almost forever. After completion of work he periodically calls to make sure that we are still happy with the job and that everything is working properly. He shows caring for his work and his customers.

Jul 02, 2014 by Bob Nuccio

Marvin has completed 2 major home additions for me. In both circumstances he did a fantastic job. He completed his quality work on time and on budget. I always get compliments from my guests on the quality of his work.

High quality work

Jun 25, 2014 by Lynn Nuccio

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Marvin. He is extremely professional and does high quality work. He completes the job quickly, but does very thorough work, taking all necessary steps to ensure the job gets done right. I used him for a remodel and addition project for my home that frequently gets compliments regarding the quality and attention to detail from both guests and other professionals visiting the home. I would not hesitate to recommend Marvin and will certainly use him again in the future!

Absolutely 100 Percent Trustworthy and the Finest Work

Jun 02, 2014 by Joseph

Marvin was a pleasure to work with and he was straight forward, on time and honest. He changed out all of the lights in our home, he was able to match some complicated faux painting, and simply did great work. I cannot recommend Marvin more strongly and would not work with anyone else!

Multiple Remodeling projects

May 30, 2014 by ivan

It was pleasures having Marvin remodel my bathroom and work on other projects. The end result exceeded all my expectation, and the price was very affordable. Marvin is well rounded and can take on any project you throw at him. His work ethics and attention to detail is very impressive. Thank you Marvin for a job well done.

Professional and Reliable

May 22, 2014 by Owen D.

Marvin cares about the quality of work he does. He treats my property as if it were his own. He shows up on time, and makes sure the job is finished to completion. These are rare qualities, and this is why I highly recommend him.

Wall Removal

May 20, 2014 by Autumn B.

We have been using Marvin for years. He is completely trustworthy and always does a meticulous job. I would recommend him to anyone.

Patio & Painting

May 09, 2014 by Shannon White

Hi Marvin & Alma!
Your website looks Amazing !!Congrats!!
It was such a pleasure to have you work on our home and replace the back patio and do interior and complete exterior painting as well !!We love the quality of workmanship and how wonderful you were to work with!Thank you so much!And we will be calling you in the near future for our next home projects!Thanks again & God Bless! Shannon & Greg White

Great Workmanship

Apr 29, 2014 by Frank

It has been a great pleasure working with Marvin on my rental
property in Silver Lake. He comes highly recommended from
my sister and he did not disappoint.
Very clean and courteous to others. He used High end products like Behr Ultra. Job is beautiful!

handyman work

Apr 26, 2014 by jobe leon a retired firefighter and my neigbour was doing a remodel job outdoor fence, foundation, new windows , patio deck , painting, stone work and a room addition. They were very happy with his work so I had him do some small projects and what I liked about Marvin is he always asked me questions on the work so they were no surprises. I liked the fact that he suggested diffent ideas that I did not think of. His fees were very fair and he gave me some breaks cause I added more jobs which was cool. I always hire people who were refered by other people and Marvin fits the bill. I have a plumber for 20 years I use bcause he was refered and Marvin is now on my list. Hes a good man.

Jmarvinhandyman , USA 5.0 5.0 15 15 What can I say about Marvin & his crew...Let me tell you :) We started off wanting to do a total remodel of our kitchen. Open it up by taking out a couple of doorways and a wal

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